Now That You’re Accepted to the JET Program…

Congratulations! Pack your life into three suitcases and get ready to live it up in Japan. Actually, I mean to say that for 35 hours a week you’ve got to get ready to teach.

As all JET Program Assistant Language Teachers are told at the beginning of their stay in Japan, every situation is different. It is the mantra of people who don’t have the capacity to help you prepare for your new job. This video of the stuff Japanese JHS kids say, though, is going to get you a little bit ready. You will hear all of this. And more.

Rather than tell you to figure out how to be an ALT on your own, we believe that we can all become better at what we do by sharing our experiences. You’ll find lesson plans, teaching methods, materials, featured ALTs, and interviews on this site.

Keep your head up. You are much more than a tape recorder. You are a thinking, living, creative human being!

Classroom 1nen time lesson